The Original Wedding DJ & Sax Player

The Original Wedding DJ & Sax Player.

Often Copied, Never Equalled! Time to get very funky and let loose! Our DJ & Sax Player Service adds a soulful, live and extra dimension to any event, especially weddings.  If you are booking for the full-night or an after band set, the DJ & Sax set can liven things up and take over the night.


From James Brown to Jubel, Groove is in the Heart to Groove Armada, Superstition to Shake it off  and Upside Down to Uptown Funk, the DJ & Sax performance covers all genres from early 70’s to modern dance music.


It’s fully interactive and on the fly, this means the Sax players come in and out of songs during the evening, a BIG crowd pleaser!

Evening or After Band Sets.

We were the first to introduce this concept in 2008 and now have many years live wedding experience. Now we have 3 Sax players to ensure availability at all times, each are classically trained in Dublin.


The Sax players come in and out of songs during the night and play for 2-hours as part of our Evening or After Band DJ Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Original DJ & Sax Player Service is only available as a Duo,  the performers are not available for separate hire. The Duo play together during the Evening, unfortunately our Sax Players are not available to play during dinner or drinks receptions.

How long does the Sax Player play for?

The Sax Player plays for 2 hours as part of the DJ Set.

What type of music do they play?

Our DJ & Sax Player are professional and trained performers who are incredibly versatile and can cover all genres from early disco to modern chart & dance music. You can submit a request or playlist before your wedding.

Can they play during Dinner or a Drinks Reception?

Our DJ & Sax Player only play together as an evening set, they don’t play during dinner or at drinks receptions.