What is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is 1 or 2 DJs performing to an audience wearing headsets. Each guest has their own headset with 2 Channels and volume control.


This means you can listen to Channel A or Channel B, each will have their own unique music performed by a specially trained DJ.. Each DJ will play their own different set so you could be listening in Kylie Minogue on 1 Channel or Kings of Leon in the other. The best part is you don’t know what the person beside, in front or behind you is listening to so dance moves can get a bit mixed up!


Its great fun! – lots of photos and video footage, enjoyed by all ages and a great surprise for your guests!

So there is no sound at all?


Nothing, except for all the singing and shouting! there is no amplification. We started offering this service for weddings and parties due to venue restrictions especially in Dublin city centre, a lot of hotels have a noise curfew at 12am but you have the venue until 2am so we decided to offer this solution to keep the party going, since then we have played in many different venues, with or without noise restrictions.

What about the Music?


For a Silent Disco, we play all genres of music. You can request and send in playlists, no problem at all! We keep it fun and the crowd pleasers work best to get everyone singing, plus we have our own  surprises!

I want it! What do I do next?


Prices are based on the number of headsets (min 50, max 500), the location and if you want 1 or 2 DJs performing.

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Please Note!
We don’t dry-hire headsets on their own or any Silent Disco equipment separately.
Silent Disco Events are hired only with our own DJs & Supervisors. We do not hire headphones without one of our DJs performing or Supervisors attending the event.

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