Corporate Events

Christmas Parties 2018


We have very limited availability for Thursday, Fridays or Saturdays in December.

Please contact us today with your enquiry. Phone 01 6877097 or email:

Professional Corporate Entertainment for your event.

From Awards Parties to Conferences to Store Event to Product Launches to Fashion Shows to VIP events and Office parties, almost everything in between too! We can adapt to any type of event and offer much more than professional DJ and music services. From the planning stages, we will match your style and requirements.


Our DJs are modern, adaptable, friendly and adaptable across all requirements from style and performance. Not only can we provide modern and friendly performers but behind the scenes we will take care of the groundwork, equipment, stages and lighting and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it!


Office Parties – Product Launches – Store Events

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If you are located in the UK, Europe or the United States and planning an event in Ireland, we can take care of everything from here on your behalf. We work with many Event & PR Companies for high street brands located in the UK who trust us over the years to manage their event with the same level of service and professionalism as they would.

Why Choose Dublin Djs?

  • Your booking is 100% guaranteed, no cancellations.
  • Dynamic, Modern and Adaptable DJs to ANY Event, Audience or Requirement.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services & Backup Equipment/Performers.
  • Modern, Friendly and Experienced Performers.
  • Trusted DJ company with over 10 years experience managing over 500 events a year.
  • Professional Standard Sound & Lighting Equipment with inventory to cover 5 to 5,000 guests.
  • Fully insured with Public and Employers Liability up to €12,000,000.
  • We know every venue in Dublin from stadiums, conference centres, hotels, clubs, bars and smaller venues.
  • Full-time office will be dedicated to your event where we can meet in person or at your event location.

All these factors add up and including our experience means we can manage ourselves from start to finish.


We have many corporate clients from large blue chip companies to accountancy to law firms and brand names. We can provide corporate references and our music selection will to suit all age groups and tastes. Our office is located on Dawson Street and we can offer meeting facilities to discuss your event in person.


We accept credit and debit cards, cheque, wire transfer and International payments. Here is a selection of the companies we have worked with and continue to work with every year.

For Corporate, Venue or Account Bookings:

Phone: 01 6877097 or email:


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