There are many DJs in Dublin, a lot of them use the phrase “Dublin Dj” or “Djs in Dublin” or “Dublin’s Best Ever Djs Ever” or something similar in their adverts, websites and searches.


Please note that we are NOT in any way associated with them and we are definitely NOT responsible for them. This also includes individuals styling themselves using Free Email or Social Media Accounts.


Simply put, If any communications come from anywhere beyond our official contacts below – They are nothing to do with us – right now, in the past or in the future.


We can only recommend that you delete any communications that do not come from our official contacts:


Our Official Contact Details:

  • Phone: 01 6877097
  • Mobile: 087 7800886
  • Email: info@dublindjs.ie


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We take this very seriously and we have taken strong legal action in the past to protect our business and reputation. For any concerns, questions or to report anything please contact: 01 6877097