What’s the difference between a Wedding DJ & a Birthday Party DJ?

by Joe Tokey

A question that is asked sometimes in this industry is –

What is the difference between a wedding DJ and birthday Party DJ?

“Why do they charge different prices and why is one more expensive?”

“They both do the same job don’t they?”

In some respect they both do the same job, playing music..

but there are a lot of differences between Wedding DJs and Birthday Party DJs:


Wedding DJs

  • A very minimum of 5 years experience, usually 10+ years experience.
  • A Wedding DJ will have more experience playing to a crowd of all ages.
  • A Wedding DJ will work approximately 10 or more hours including arriving at the venue at 6pm and leaving at 3am.
  • A Wedding DJ will meet the couple in person in advance of the wedding.
  • A Wedding DJ will be formally and professionally dressed for a wedding
  • A Wedding DJ will have invested a huge amount in their rig and setup with a backup system.
  • A Wedding DJ will attend fairs, open days and spend more on their advertising.

Birthday Party DJs

  • Starting out or with 1-3 years experience.
  • Many Birthday Party DJs don’t want to play weddings!
  • A Birthday Party DJ will play 18th, 21st and 30ths Parties.
  • A Birthday Party DJ will arrive 30mins before the start time and play for 3 or 4 hours.
  • A Birthday Party DJ doesn’t have to meet the booking person in advance of the party.
  • A Birthday Party DJ will arrive casually dressed.
  • A Birthday Party DJ will have a lower spec and smaller rig and sound system.
  • A Birthday Party DJ will get their bookings from referrals and agencies.

There are many DJs who crossover and will play both, as you can see there is less pressure and work involved playing a Birthday Party than The Most Important day in a person’s life which is why the prices are different.

When choosing a DJ, you don’t want to choose someone who only plays Birthday Parties and hates weddings or is a Thursday Pub DJ playing commercial music to one type of audience. You want a DJ who has the experience and knowledge to cater for all age groups.

At Dublin Djs, our Wedding DJs are Wedding DJs and our Birthday Party DJs are Birthday Party DJs!

  • Marc